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Publication and Reports

Publications in 2022

Goult, E., Sathyendranath, S., Kovač, Ž., Kong, C.E., Stipanović, P., Abdulaziz, A.,Menon, N., George, G. and Platt, T., 2022. Analysis of non-pharmaceutical interventionsand their impacts on COVID-19 in Kerala. Scientific reports, 12(1), pp.1-13.

Krug, LA., S. Sarker, A.N.M.S. Huda, A. Gonzalez-Silvera, A. Edward, C. Berghoff, C.Naranjo, E. Mahu, J. Lopez-Calderon, L. Escudero, M. Tapia, M.A. Noernberg, M.Ahmed, N. Menon, and s. Betancur -Turizo. 2022. Putting training into practice: Analumni network global monitoring pro gram. Pp. 18- 19 in Frontiers in OceanObserving: Documenting Ecosystems, Understanding Environmental Changes, ForecastingHazards. E.S. Kappel, S.K. Juniper, S. Seeyave, E. Smith, and M. Visbeck, eds, ASupplement to Oceanography 34(4), ;

Ranith, R., Nandini Menon, N, Ajith Joseph K., Chiranjivi Jayaram and Lasse H.Pettersson. 2022. Water quality assessment from Medium resolution satellite data usingMachine learning methods. Geospatial technologies for Resources planning andManagement., Springer book chapter,Chapter 9

Pranav P, Nandini Menon N, Shameem U, Mini KG, Grinson George.2022. Delineatingthe mangrove patches along coastal Kerala using GIS, satellite data and field validation.“Conservation, Management, and Monitoring of Forest Resources in India”. Book chapterSpringer Nature. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-98233-1_4.

Sooria PM, Mohamed Hatha AA, Nandini Menon N, Saramma AV. 2022. Constraints in using relative biomass as a measure of competitive success inphytoplankton – A review. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 557: 151819.

Pranav P, Grinson George, Ranith R, Nandini Menon N, A Gopalakrishnan and U Shameem. 2022. Rare occurrence of Kandelia candel along the coast of Andhra Pradesh, India- taxonomic identification with molecular confirmation. J Mar. Biol. Ass. UK (in press)

Arunachalam M, K Ajith Joseph , J Saravanavel , and R Melwyn Joshua, 2022. ArcOLITIRS: A Toolbox for Radiometric calibration and Surface temperature Estimation from Landsat 8 products in ArcGIS Environment. Journal of the Indian society of Remote Sensing., Springer (in press)..

Rakhi K Raj, G.Bindu, Anju Farhana C and Hari Laxmanan P., 2022. A study on the health impacts of particulate matter pollution due to demolition of high-rise buildings, Maradu- Kochi” International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. 49: 259-268 ;

Ramu P., K.Ajith Joseph, Muraleedharan, G, S.Sureshkumar, Balakrishnan, T.N. and R. Harikumar, 2022. Extreme significant wave height and associated peak periods off Kozhikode Southwest coast of India. Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Cycle, Ecosystem, Fisheries and Food Security, (Eds) B. Madhusoodana Kurup, M.R. Boopendranath, M. Harikrishnan and A.V. Shibu. Taylor and Francis book Chapter 4. Pages: 39-564

Publications in 2021

Akash,S., Phiros Shah, Muhammad Shafeeque,. Pooja, A.S Zacharia, P.U. Ajith, J.K., Vivekanand Bharti;. Sathianandan T.V.2021. Observed links between coastal ocean processes and Indian Oil Sardine (Sardinella longiceps) fishery along the southwest coast of India" Regional Studies in Marine Science. DOI: 10.1016/j.rsma.2021.101850.

Anas, A, Krishna, K, Vijayakumar, S, George, G, Menon, NN, Gemma Kulk, G, Jasmin, C, Ciambelli, A, and Hridya KV, Tharakan, B, Jaleel Abdul, KU, Goult, E, Vengalil, J, Platt, T, Sathyendranath, S. 2021. Dynamics of Vibrio cholerae in a typical tropical lake and estuarine system: potential of remote sensing for risk mapping. Remote Sensing. 13 (5), 1034; DOI: 10.3390/rs13051034.

Bindu G, Rakhi K Raj,Baiju M A & Anju Farhana C, 2021, The impact of a building implosion on ambient air quality: A case study in an urban coastal city, Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences Research, DOI: 10.47363/JEESR/2021(3)142.

Bindu G, Poornima Rajan and Ajith Joseph K, 2021, Assessment of Temporal Change in Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration Capacity With Land Use Land Cover Change Along the Metro Corridor in Kochi, India, Advances in Earth and Environmental Science, DOI: 10.47485/2766-2624.1009.

George, G, Menon, NN, Abdulaziz, A, Robert J. Brewin, RJW, Pranav, P, Gopalakrishnan, A, Mini, KG, Kuriakose, S, Sathyendranath, S and Trevor Platt. 2021. Citizen scientists contribute to real-time monitoring of lakewater quality using 3D printed mini Secchi disks. Frontiers in Water. DOI: 10.3389/frwa.2021.662142.

Kulk, G, George, G, Abdulaziz, A, Menon, N, Theenathayalan, V, Jayaram, C, Brewin, RJW, Sathyendranath, S. 2021. Effect of reduced anthropogenic activities on water quality in Lake Vembanad, India. Remote Sens. 2021, 13, 1631. DOI: 10.3390/rs13091631.

Menon, N, George, G, Ranith, R, Sajin, V, Murali, S, Abdulaziz, A, Brewin, RJW, Sathyendranath, S. 2021. Citizen science tools reveal changes in estuarine water quality following demolition of buildings. Remote Sensing. 13,1683. DOI: 10.3390/rs13091683.

Akash. S, Ranith. R, Grinson George, Ajith Joseph. K, Annette Samuelsen, and Nandini Menon. N. 2021. Comparison of Variability in Dissolved Oxygen Profile Using 1D GOTM-ERSEM Model and 3D NEMO-PISCES Model. Poster session in Digital Annual Meeting and General Assembly of EU H2020 project COMFORT during 15-17 September.

Publications in 2020

Muhammad Shafeeque, Balchand A. N., Phiros Shah, Shubha Sathyendranath, Grinson George, Eldho Varghese, Ajith K Joseph and Trevor Platt (2020). Spatio-temporal variability of Chlorophyll-a in response to Oceanic Mesoscale processes in the South Eastern Arabian Sea. Int.Jl. of Remote Sensing.

Elizabeth Goult, Shubha Sathyendranath, Žarko Kovač, Anas Abdulaziz, Nandini Menon, Grinson George, Christina Eunjin Kong, Trevor Platt. (2021). COVID-19 in Kerala: analysis of measures and impacts. Nature Sci. Reports (awaiting acceptance). DOI: 10.21203/

Bindu.G, PoornimaRajan, Jishnu.E.S, Ajith Joseph K,. 2020. Carbon Stock Assessment of Mangroves using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, ISSN 1110-9823. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejrs.2018.04.006.

Jovish John, G. Bindu.G, Srimuruganandam, Abhinav Wadhwa & Poornima Rajan, 2020, Land use/land cover and land surface temperature analysis in Wayanad district, India, using satellite imagery, Annals of GIS, DOI: 10.1080/19475683.2020.1733662.

Mallika Bhuyan, Chiranjivi Jayaram, N. Nandini Menon and Ajith Joseph, 2020. Satellite-Based Study of Seasonal Variability in Water Quality Parameters in a Tropical Estuary along the Southwest Coast of India. Jl of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing. DOI: 10.1007/s12524-020-01153-0(01).

P. M. Sooria, N. N. Menon, R. Ranith, K. R .Lallu, A. Sivaprasad and J.K. Ajith. 2020. Occurrenceof enhanced herbivory in the microbial food web of a tropical estuary during southwest monsoon. Estuarine Coastal Shelf Science. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2020.107017.

Shubha Sathyendranath, Anas Abdulaziz, Nandini Menon, Grinson George, Hayley Evers-King, Gemma Kulk, Rita Colwell, Antarpreet Jutla, Trevor Platt.,2020. Building capacity and resilience against diseases transmitted via water under climate perturbations and extreme weather stress Ferretti, S. (Ed.). (2020). Space Capacity Building in the XXI Century. Studies in Space Policy. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-21938-3.

P.Smitha A and Menon NN 2020. Long term spatial variability in surface chlorophyll-a in the southeastern Arabian Sea, J. Marine Biological Association of India, 61 (2): 100 - 104.

Publications in 2019

Ajith Joseph K., Jayaram C., Nair A., George M.S., Balchand A.N., Pettersson L.H. (2019) Remote Sensing of Upwelling in the Arabian Sea and Adjacent Near-Coastal Regions. In: Barale V., Gade M. (eds) Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas. Springer, Cham. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-94067-0_26 978-3-319-94065-6.

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Menon NN, Sankar S, Smitha A, George G, Shalin S, Sathyendranath S, Platt T (2019) Satellite chlorophyll concentration as an aid to understanding the dynamics of Indian oil sardine in the southeastern Arabian Sea. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 617-618:137-147. DOI.

Ranju, R., Nandini Menon Nand N R Menon. (2019) Observations on some symbiont bearing foraminifera from the shelf and slope sediments of eastern Arabian Sea. JMBAI, Vol. 60 (2). doi:10.6024/jmbai.2018.60.2.2054-0x.

Smitha A., Syam S., Nandini Menon N, and Lasse H. Pettersson. 2019. Using remote sensing to study phytoplankton biomass and its influence on herbivore fishery in the South-Eastern Arabian Sea. In: Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas (Vittorio Barale & Martin Gade -Eds.), Chapter 25, Springer.

Shaju S.S, Sreekutty C. Prasad, Vishnu P.S., Amir Kumar Samal, Nandini Menon N, Nashad M, K. Avarachen Mathew, A.K Abdul Nazar and Grinson George . (2019) . Effect of Mariculture on bio-optical properties and water quality of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay. Regional Studies in Marine Science (Elsevier journal) - Accepted.

Wilson, S.S., Mohanakumar, K. & Rose, S. (2019) A study on the structural transformation of monsoon Low Level Jet stream on its passage over the south Asian region. Pure Appl. Geophys.

Publications in 2018

Abish B, Annalisa Cherchi and Satyaban B. Ratna. 2018. ENSO and the recent warming of the Indian Ocean. Intl. Jl. of Climatology. DOI: 10.1002/joc.5170.

Saleem Shalin, Annette Samuelsen , Anton Korosov , Nandini Menon N, Björn C. Backeberg and Lasse H. Pettersson. 2018. Delineation of marine ecosystem zones in the northern Arabian Sea using an objective method. Biogeosciences, 15, 1395 - 1414. DOI: 10.5194/bg-15-1395-2018.

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Publications in 2017

Abish B, Annalisa Cherchi and Satyaban B. Ratna. 2017. ENSO and the recent warming of the Indian Ocean. Intl.Jl.of Climatology. DOI: 10.1002/joc.5170.

George, M.S., Joseph, P.V., Ajith Joseph, K. Laurent Bertino and O. M. Johannessen. 2017. The Cold Pool of the Bay of Bengal and its association with the break phase of the Indian summer monsoon. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters.

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Preenu P.N., Joseph P.V. and Dineshkumar P.K. (2017): Variability of the date of monsoon onset over Kerala (India) of the period 1870-2014 and its relation to Sea Surface Temperature, Journal of Earth System Science (A Springer journal published from Bangalore by the Indian Academy of Science), DOI 10.1007/s12040-017-0852-9.

Nashad, M., Nandini Menon,N., Ajith Joseph , Lasse H. Pettersson and N. R. Menon. (2017). First report of Leptocylindrus sp. bloom in the coastal waters of South Eastern Arabian Sea and coagulation of cells. Marine Biology Association of India – JMBAI JMBAI vol 51, issue 1, 1-6. doi: 10.6024/jmbai.2017.59.1.1937-00

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Thesis contributions:

Smitha, A., 2017. Wind induced upwelling and the response of surface chlorophyll in the Bay of Bengal. Ph.D thesis, Cochin University of Science and Technology,

Anoop VMKumar and Ajith Joseph K., 2017. Study on shoreline changes in the Eraviputhenthurai beach, Kanyakumari coast, Tamilnadu., M.Tech thesis in Ocean and Coastal safety Engineering, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean studies.


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